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 Poem thread...

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PostSubject: Poem thread...   Sat Mar 01, 2008 3:38 am

If this goes elswhere please move.

No competition, just post poems here, and feel free to comment on them...

Such is War

The earth trembles
Feet crush all life
Consumed or burned
Such is war

Cries of death
Shouts of victory
Screams of retreat
Such is war

Fist upon fist
Blade upon blade
Gun upon gun
Such is war

Throughout ages
It has been waged
Ceaseless violence
Such has always been war

Empires thrive on it
Nations fall with it
None are immune to it
Immune to this war

When all have fled
Soldiers, refugees, widowers
Only the conquered remain
Always shall be war

Ground shall always be stained red
Men will always fall
Just new ways to do it come
Driven by war
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Poem thread...
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